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Thinking of 2012 and figuring out divided government

North Shore is engaged in the 2012 election cycle, and it figures to be a significant one for Ohioans and the nation.  Nevertheless, navigating a divided government has our ongiong attention.  Dennis Eckart discusses both below.
For the 2012 election cycle, Dennis Eckart has been asked to do more media training for both incumbent and first time candidates.  "This gives me a chance to get to meet people new to politics as well as renewing some old friendships," Eckart said.  A veteran of media training for several candidates for Vice President, Senate, and Representative, Eckart looks forward to the work: "this provides an opportunity to help define the delivery and message of candidates."
Additionally, Eckart has been spending a little more time in Washington DC as clients need more help deciphering the divided government.  "While changing which party may control a part of the govenment is significant, everyone still needs to appreciate how the system works and on what kind of expected timetables it will operate," Eckart affirmed.  "Divided government is not in and of itself good or bad--it is a condition that must be approached differently than when government is unified."